Regus and Pronto Recovery joined forces


Dynamic duo: Regus and Pronto joined forces to offer business continuity solutions

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The Regus and Pronto partnership continues to give businesses the workspace and tech to carry on after disruption


When disaster strikes – be it a hurricane or a burst water pipe – and your regular workspace can’t be used, having a back-up base for employees is key to keeping ‘business as usual’.

The beauty of Regus’s ever-expanding network of flexible office space is that, if disruption occurs, we can implement a business continuity plan that sets your team up in a nearby Regus centre.

For almost five years, Regus has worked in collaboration with Pronto Recovery – a global business continuity solutions and technology hardware provider. Together, Regus and Pronto Recovery act swiftly to make sure both large companies and small businesses have everything they need in their temporary place of work.

Complementing Regus’s offering of ubiquitous workspace in handy locations, Pronto’s network of depots around the world means it can do same-day or next-day deliveries of all the technology devices your business needs.

And the partnership continues to thrive. Last year, Pronto Recovery was awarded the title of Regus’s Workplace Recovery Channel Partner of the Year, due to its stellar performance. In 2018 alone, Regus and Pronto Recovery collaborated on 11 disasters and almost 80 disaster test runs to get Regus customers up and running again as soon as possible.

Pronto Recovery and Regus have worked in tandem to support Regus clients through some tough challenges. This includes assisting 68 Regus clients simultaneously after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, where 1,100 employees needed to be reallocated to back-up workspace, with all the necessary technology hardware in place. The recovery operation was successful, and a testament to what’s possible when a solid disaster recovery solution is in place.

“Workspace and technology go hand-in-hand, which is why we are a complete solution for businesses,” says Brian Gardner, CEO of Pronto Recovery.

Over the years, Gardner has seen many businesses reap the benefits of turning to more than one location for their recovery needs. “The way businesses are approaching their disaster recovery strategy has definitely changed,” he says. “Workers are more mobile than ever, companies are expanding globally and there really is a need for a disaster workspace solution that is flexible, dynamic and can be customised to a business’s specific needs.”

He adds: “A workplace recovery plan that includes both workspace and technology gives businesses all the resources they need through a single point of contact to effectively manage their staff’s needs before, during and after a disaster strikes.”


Could your company’s Disaster Recovery Solution be more dynamic?